Marine Services 

Your vessel, our expertise – a performance partnership

Reducing your total cost of ownership 

Whatever type of vessel you operate, it’s vital that you control operating expenses to reduce total cost of ownership and ensure profits. This is increasingly important today, when overcapacity, falling freight rates and stricter regulations are putting pressure on operators.

Even marginal gains can make a big difference, which is why more and more customers are using our Marine Services.

Your efficiency, powered by Hempel Marine Services 

Whether you’re coating the underwater hull, cargo holds or ballast tanks, our Marine Services will ensure you get a high-quality finished coating that will deliver value for its entire service life. Not only that, but our expert coating advisors can help reduce your application expenses, docking time and waste – to bring down your total costs of ownership

Five reasons to choose Hempel Marine Services 

Our expert coating advisors ensure your maintenance and newbuild projects run efficiently and that your coatings are applied correctly – so you can realise the full benefits of our coating systems.

1. Reduce long-term maintenance requirements

The lower your maintenance costs, the higher your return on investment. We can work with the shipyard and applicators to ensure a high-quality coating application from start to finish. This reduces the risk of mechanical damage and premature coating failure – for longer maintenance intervals and lower maintenance costs.

2. Increase fuel savings

Our advanced hull coatings reduce speed loss to cut your fuel consumption and emissions. Correct application is crucial for you to reap these full benefits. Our coating advisors oversee application to help you get the full fuel-saving potential of our hull coatings, right from day one and throughout the entire docking interval.

3. Cut down on lost revenue

Every day your vessel spends in dock is one day of lost revenue. We supervise application to ensure you get a high-quality coating, which will perform for the long term with minimum maintenance. And, when maintenance does occur, we oversee coating repair work to reduce your days in dry dock.

4. Lower docking costs

Docking expenses can quickly add-up, which is why we place strong emphasis on reducing your surface treatment time and overall coating application costs. We can coordinate with the shipyard and work with applicators to optimise turnaround times and ensure correct coating application.

5. Optimise repair costs  

Unnecessary application costs, excessive paint consumption and avoidable rework can increase your repair costs. Our coating advisors can work closely with the shipyard to plan your dry docking project, and manage sub-contractors and applicators. This gives you full cost control.