Quattro XO

A high-performance range of pure epoxy PSPC-certified coatings for ballast tanks, Hempadur Quattro XO gives you long-term performance, low maintenance costs and excellent application efficiency

Why choose Hempadur Quattro XO?

Designed to meet the latest IMO standards for ballast tanks, Hempadur Quattro XO is a fast-drying uni-primer that you can use on most areas of your vessel – both above and below the waterline – and for both newbuild vessels and maintenance.

  • Excellent long-term performance gives you longer service intervals and lower maintenance
  • Fast-drying formulation gives you faster turnarounds and less time in dock
  • Year-round application window (from -10°C to +40°C) gives you greater application flexibility

For even better performance

All our Hempadur Quattro XO coatings can be specified with aluminium pigmentation and fibre reinforcement technology. This enhances the anti-corrosion properties of the coating, to give you even longer durability and lower long-term maintenance costs.

Developed for your yard

Application and coating requirements differ from region to region. Longer re-coat intervals are required in Korea and Europe compared to China and the Americas, for example; while the US prefers 80 per cent volume solids while applicators in China mainly work with 60-70 per cent.

This is why we offer different Hempadur Quattro XO formulations, tailored specifically to the needs of each region. The result is a robust and long-lasting coating that's easy to apply – wherever in the world you choose to apply it.