Hempaguard delivers top-of-the-line fuel savings, regardless of sailing conditions or your vessel’s sailing speed

For efficiency in drydock and at sea, it’s the new peak

Hempaguard X7 is an extremely effective Fouling Defense coating for a docking interval of up to 90 months. The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes it suitable for any trading pattern as well as extended idle time for the underwater hull of all ship types.

In challenging trading conditions, making your fleet competitive is a question of marginal gains

Since 2013, Hempaguard X7 has been successfully applied to more than 1400 vessels and saved the owners of those ships more than USD 500 million in fuel.

For flexible trading patterns. Offers 90 months sustained fouling defense with an average of 6 per cent out-of-dock fuel savings and speed loss of 1.4 per cent over the service interval.

Improved fuel savings with guaranteed maximum 1.2 per cent speed loss over five years. Higher out-of-dock fuel savings due to the ultra smooth three-coat system
Powered by enhanced Actiguard® technology for an exceptionally smooth surface in water and controlled biocide release for excellent antifouling performance
Suitable for all vessels and taken up by more than 1400 ships in just five years, saving more than USD 500 million in fuel

Track performance with SHAPE

SHAPE (Systems for Hull and Propeller Efficiency) documents Hempaguard X7’s fuel savings in a program of continuous improvement, making you more efficient, profitable and competitive in a challenging marine world. It helps you make informed choices, for instance about whether slow steaming is the right solution, based on verified and consistent sources of data.

Optimize application with Hempel Services

Hempel Services is an integral part of Hempaguard  X7, ensuring optimal application and surface smoothness. Our expert team manages your entire application process, from initial planning through to coating application, inspection and reporting.

The combination of project management with Hempaguard X7 lowers docking costs, reduces off-hire time and ensures that Hempaguard X7 delivers maximum fuel-saving performance for its entire service life.

The new peak for efficiency

Find out how the innovative Hempaguard X7 works hard for your hull, saving you time in the dock and reducing fuel consumption at sea.