For top-of-the-line antifouling performance and significant savings right from day one, choose our Globic hull coatings

Antifouling protection from day one

Thanks to water-activated nano acrylate technology, Globic starts working as soon as your hull meets the water. This makes it ideal for newbuild vessels and vessels undergoing maintenance that will spend time beside the dock after the coating has been applied.

High performance in slow steaming and long idle periods

Because Globic hydrolyses without the need for water friction, it provides you with highly efficient antifouling performance, even in slow steaming and during long idle periods. In addition, Globic products include microfibre reinforcement to increase mechanical strength, which eliminates fouling growth due to cracking and reduces maintenance requirements.

All of this makes Globic an excellent choice if you want a high return on investment on a slow steaming vessel.

The Globic product range

Globic 9500 series

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