Keeping your brand image consistent is essential

From the largest oil and gas facilities to the busiest garages and service stations, our coatings have protected your assets across North America for over 40 years. Imaging coating systems and solutions to achieve your brand standards in flooring, roofing while providing exceptional waterproofing and protection against mildew and corrosion, but retaining color and gloss.

Coating solutions to your exact specifications

We offer a range of coating solutions that gives you more flexibility to choose the protection that meets all you needs:

  • Carwash, mildew resistant canopy solutions
  • Less .83 lb/gal offerings for low-VOC requirements for CA or VOC restricted states
  • API 1631 solutions for your customers below grade fuel storage tank inspections or recertification
  • Fluid applied roof solutions with our Neogard offerings for metal roofing
  • Resinous flooring solutions, provided by Neogard
  • Single component touch-up solutions

Download resources

Boost your knowledge with some of our most popular coating resources and guidelines.

Trusted solutions for the oil and gas industry
Hempaline Defend brochure
Hempaprime Multi 500 brochure
Hempathane HS product sheet