Managing corrosive conditions across pipelines

Oil & Gas pipelines play an important role in the energy infrastructure of North America. However, external climate, the fluid being transported, rate of flow and flammability are major factors that must be considered when looking to protect pipeline networks. That's why we offer corrosion prevention coatings to help preserve equipment, that are quick to apply and follow regulatory standards.

Corrosion prevention and protection keeps your facility operating

Many midstream facilities have their own corrosive micro-climates. That’s why we provide corrosion prevention solutions designed specifically for piping, process vessels and storage tanks. Whether you need solutions for construction or maintenance, our technical experts can help you identify which prevention products will maintain the integrity of your equipment at your unique facilities – wherever they are in the world.

Setting new standards for international performance and quality
  • ISO 9001
    Ensures we supply consistent quality globally
  • ISO 12944
    Ensures our products meet standards for harsh onshore locations from C2 to C5

Ensures we supply consistent quality globally

Ensures our products meet standards for harsh onshore locations from C2 to C5

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Hempaline Defend protects tank lining of crude storage for major US oil refinery
Hempaline Defend makes the grade at Shell storage depot in the Netherlands
Advanced oil tank corrosion protection with Hempaline Defend for major US oil refinery

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Fighting corrosion, weathering and extreme abrasion

Provide high quality appearance and exceptional chemical resistance for your rolling equipment.