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Experience you can trust

We deliver customized industrial coatings that comply with OEM specifications and line conditions, giving you consistent high quality and performance, optimized application and controlled production costs. From excavators and bulldozers that help build the world’s tallest skyscrapers, to transport that moves goods around the globe and agricultural equipment that enables us to harvest the world’s food, our coatings have it covered.

Products engineered to protect your investment

With over 100 years’ experience and expertise, we constantly challenge with new innovations in high performance protective coatings. Our aim, simply to make real cost savings for our globally and local based customers by delivering the best products and services

Setting new standards for the industry

When you work with Hempel, you can be sure your coatings meet local and international regulations and the highest quality standards. Our products are tested according to key coating industry bodies such as the Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), American Petroleum Institute (API) and many more. We also contribute to the future development of industry standards by working with industry bodies, particularly in the areas of corrosion under insulation, high heat and internal linings.

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Boost your knowledge with some of our most popular trailer and truck coating resources and guidelines.

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