Our people

“Our people are our greatest asset” – J.C. Hempel

Driving success with a diverse workforce

Hempel is dedicated to developing a diverse workforce. Attracting and retaining top talent fosters innovation and equips us to adapt to the varied environments in which we operate.

Achieving success to grow and stay ahead requires impactful innovation. Innovation happens when great minds from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, generations and skillsets come together in an environment that allows unique talents to flourish.   

Be engaged

Engaged employees are essential for us to continue innovating for our customers and deliver on our strategic goals and purpose. This is only possible if we have a strong and healthy organisation where employees feel heard and motivated and are willing to contribute to Hempel’s success. Therefore, every year we take Hempel’s pulse through our engagement survey, Hempel Heartbeat, to make sure we’re on the right track. The results provide the perfect opportunity for management and teams to explore how the work environment could be improved.  

With a consistently high score in Satisfaction & Motivation we remain among the top quartile of global companies.


Diversity and equal opportunities

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is an integral part of our strategy. We’re committed to promoting an environment where differences are valued, and practices are equitable. Our colleagues should feel the kind of inclusion that allows them to bring their authentic selves to work and contribute their best. We’re a socially committed company in support of human rights, respect and dignity for all.

We have a variety of programmes and initiatives that support the growth of diversity in our workforce. The aim of these programmes is to ensure an inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive.

Some of these initiatives include:

• highlighting World Pride, International Women’s Day, Breast Cancer awareness and Men’s health; and

• implementing tools, processes and training aimed at reducing the impact of unconscious bias and driving inclusion in our recruitment, hiring, promotion and development processes.

Additionally, we continue to set targets for increasing the representation of women in leadership roles. While we achieved our 2022 goal of having 25% women in leadership positions, the current percentage of women in leadership roles is below the overall percentage of women in Hempel. There is still work to be done.