Our Distributor Partnership Program

Welcome to Alliance, our Hempel Distributor Channel Partner Program, with unequalled support plus new and improved benefits for you

Our aim is to improve your profitability, by working together as true partners to give you a sales advantage in the marketplace.

Benefits of becoming a partner

  • Dedicated sales support
  • Favorable prices
  • Partner portal
  • Growth together with joint success planning
  • Direct technical support

A program that works for you

When you’re part of the Hempel Alliance program, you’ll have access to the best products and services to protect your customers’ most valuable assets, while delivering the market’s most trusted solutions. We recognize that it is up to you to earn customers’ trust every day through the superior performance of products you sell, your expert service and support, and the behaviors of each and every member of your staff.

As we look toward the future, Hempel is excited to partner with a network of distributors and resellers by earning their trust. Hempel offers an unmatched level of benefits to its partners through the Alliance Program.


Hempel’s Alliance program provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company.


Working together through joint success planning provide partners a distinct sales advantage in the marketplace.


Lead-sharing, early product information and technical/sales training are among the many benefits of this program.

A partnership you can trust

Provides many ways to differentiate your business and drive growth and profitability for your company.

The program is designed to help channel partners on the fast-growing coatings market. As a channel-oriented company, we view our partners as an extension of our team, playing a key role in the go-to-market strategy and the overall success of our company.

By becoming an Alliance partner

  • Gain credibility by capitalizing on the Hempel and Neogard brands, recognized worldwide and respected as a leader in the marketplace
  • Have access to protect your customers’ most valuable assets, while delivering the market’s most trusted solutions
  • Join the program that earns trust every day through the superior performance of our products, our expert service and support, and the behaviors of each and every member of our Hempel family
  • Position your company to take advantage of more sales opportunities
  • Training and Alliance Account Manager assigned to the partner

Become an Alliance Partner

Working together through Joint Success Planning provides partners a distinct sales advantage in the marketplace

Learn how the Alliance Program can boost your business

  • Program requirements

    Alliance Program Requirements

    • Employee direct sales, inside sales, and customer service staff who possess a high level of technical expertise to provide and maintain excellent customer service

    • Physical location to actively promote Hempel and Neogard brands, and store the approved product range for your market

    • Commit to achieving annual revenue targets through joint success planning

    • Partners will be reviewed bi-annually for, and evaluated on, product-line purchases and revenue attainment goals

    • Hold a good reputation within their industry sector through professionalism, loyalty and integrity

    • Uphold the Hempel name, brand, and core values

    • Keep current on products and selling programs through predefined Hempel learning tools

    • Operate a good-quality website which markets Hempel and Neogard products. The Hempel and/or Neogard logo must be displayed with a link to the official Hempel website

  • Benefits definitions

    Alliance Benefits Definitions

    Dedicated sales support

    Extensive product knowledge and joint sales visits to secure projects.

    Dedicated business support staff

    Epicenter for Hempel distributors to support and manage the distributor partnership in order to take full advantage of enhancing competitiveness, profitability, and continued success.

    Growing together with joint success planning

    The joint success plan is part of the onboarding process where you get to talk with your Hempel representative about your most important goals. the joint success plan becomes a reference point and action plan to grow your market.

    Favorable prices

    Grow your top line with competitive margins. Partner margin depends on the partner’s category and financial status.

    Standard volume/revenue incentive rebate

    The more product lines you purchase, the more benefits you receive to help build your business, increase sales, and improve operations.

    Partner portal

    Hempel’s online partner portal, provides a framework for working with Hempel and serves as a central point of access to valuable tools, resources, and online ordering.

    Market focused business leads

    The Hempel leads program offers our trusted business partners the chance to obtain optimal prequalified leads in their focus segments/region.

    Online sales and product courses

    Hempel is committed to creating an independent, knowledgeable, and successful partner network. The training and continuous education are key components in achieving this strategic goal. Hempel provides easily accessible sales and technical training materials that enable its partners to effectively sell and Hempel coating solutions. Hempel encourages all authorized partners to take advantage of these benefits to increase opportunities for success.

    Onsite product demonstrations

    Onsite training provides face-to-face guidance and a handson experience that matches job role requirements, preparing partners for real-life challenges. The on-site training is also the most flexible. It can be delivered in an organization’s training facilities, at a Hempel office, or at another convenient location.

    Sales and technical training materials

    Hempel regularly develops and publishes updated technical and sales training tools to the partner portal. These tools allow our partners to develop and update their competitive advantages. Also, we can share our training materials, including product videos and demos, to better support our partners businesses.

  • Alliance benefits

     Program Dedicated Sales Support   
      Dedicated Business Support Staff  
      Partner Portal  
      Access to Hempel's Tailored Portfolio of Products and Services  
      Grow Together with Joint Success Planning  
      Technical Advisory Board (by Invitation) By Invitation
    Financial Favorable Prices  
      Digital Discounts  
      Prompt Pay Discounts  
      Standard Volume / Revenue Incentive Rebate  
      Custom Credit terms  
     Marketing Printed Material  
      Onboarding Package  
      Promotional Giveaways (Marketing Webstore)
      Listing as Hempel Authorized Partner on Digital Platform   
     Technical Access to Knowledge Base   
      Color Dispenser Program   
      Direct Technical Support   
    Training and Education Online   Sales and Product Courses  
      Training Webinars   
      Sales & Technical Training Materials   
      Annual Partner Conference   
      Corrosion School   
      In-Person Product Demonstrations   
      Professional Certifications   


* Hempel and Neogard online training and education courses are subject to availability. We will make our best efforts to inform you as soon as possible when the courses are available on the partner portal.