Ethical behaviour and compliance

Our business is built on the trust we earn every day

Earning trust

Our goal is to be the most trusted global coatings supplier in the world. We work to earn this trust every day. From how we deal with each other through to the products and services we provide, we’re committed to conducting business ethically, respectfully and honestly at all times.

Code of conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct is our guide to doing business the right way. It describes how we should behave in our daily work, including how we should conduct ourselves when dealing with our colleagues, customers, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders. Founded on our strong values, our Employee Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to comply with all applicable laws and act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner at all times.

Our Employee Code of Conduct is available in 16 languages:


Ethics hotline

Anyone can make a report through
our external whistle blower website

A commitment to transparency

We’re committed to being one of the world’s most trusted coatings suppliers. To this end, we have a Business Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct that cover all aspects of our work. However, we recognise that there may be times when we or individuals within our organisation fail to live up to our high ethical standards. If this occurs, it’s essential that it’s easy to report these incidents in a transparent way.

Anyone – either internal or external – can report potential breaches or concerns relating to our Business Ethics Policy or Code of Conduct through the Hempel Ethics Hotline. Hosted by an independent third-party, the Hempel Ethics Hotline allows for anonymous reporting, and ensures that all reports are quickly followed-up with an objective and independent Hempel internal investigation. 

Business Partner Code of Conduct

As a global company renowned for delivering trusted solutions, we believe it is essential that all of our business partners operate in accordance to us and contribute to the same ethical standards and integrity as we do. Find out what we expect from business partners.

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct is available in following languages:

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