Ballast Tanks

When it comes to ballast tanks, a long service life and low maintenance requirements can mean significant savings. That’s what you get with our certified ballast tank coatings.
The ballast tanks are probably the largest area of structural steel on your vessel, and the water inside can be highly corrosive if left unchecked. You need a specialist coating to protect them corrosion – and ensure the continued operational safety and efficiency of your vessel.

Why choose a ballast tank coating from Hempel?

Ease of maintenance
Ballast tanks are difficult to clean, and time-consuming cleaning means less time at sea, higher costs and ultimately lower efficiency. Our coatings are smooth and easy to clean, so you can spend less time on cleaning and more time at sea.
Designed for your application location
The requirements of a ballast tank coating vary between shipyards and countries. This means that one size doesn’t fit all. To maximise cost-effectiveness and improve application efficiency, our coatings are tailored to specific regions.
Anytime and any place application
Our coatings can be applied to all surfaces, have a short drying time and can be applied in hot, cold and humid climates. This wide application window gives you greater flexibility in when and where you apply your coatings and perform maintenance.
Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
The better protected your vessel, the safer it will be and the lower your maintenance costs. With a hard glossy surface and enhanced resistance to cracking and corrosion, our ballast tank coatings are built to last – with minimum maintenance.
Fully certified
Our ballast tank coatings conform to IMO/PSPC rules for ballast tanks and are certified by the relevant bodies.
Lower environmental impact
All our ballast tank coatings are VOC compliant, below the 250-grams/litre limit, for lower emissions and less environmental impact.

Choosing the perfect coating for your ballast tanks

When we help you choose a ballast tank coating, we begin by looking at the needs of your vessel and the shipyard where the coating will be applied. This ensures you get a coating that not only delivers long-term performance and low maintenance, but can also be applied quickly – to bring down your application costs and time in dock.