Our organisation

A global company with local agility

To ensure local expertise, global consistency and commercial agility, the Hempel Group is organised in two dimensions. Our regions support our customers, both locally and globally, and have responsibility for operational execution. Our group functions ensure process excellence and operational synergies across the Group.

We’re proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation and governed by the Hempel A/S Board of Directors.


  • Our Executive Management Board
    Lars Petersson Group President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
    Lars Jønstrup Dollerup Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
     Peter Kirkegaard
    Executive Vice President & Chief People & Culture Officer (CPCO) 
    Michael Hansen
    Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
    Katarina Lindström Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Our Operational Management Board
    Pernille Lind Olsen Group Vice President, Europe & Africa
    Lars Gautier Sørensen Group Vice President, South America
    Mark Rees Group Vice President, Middle East
    Michael Mei Group Vice President, North Asia
    Jonathan Mercer Group Vice President, South & East Asia
    Joe Devitt Group Vice President, Decorative Europe

  • The Hempel A/S Board of Directors
    Richard Sand Chairman
    Eric Alström Deputy Chairman
    Marianne Wiinholt Chairman of the Audit Committee
    Leif Jensen  
    Susanna Schneeberger  
    Søren P. Olesen  
    Helle Fiedler Elected by the employees
    Mark Terrell Sutton Elected by the employees
    Maria Gomis Elected by the employees

Our heritage

Hempel has been protecting assets for over 100 years. It was established in 1915 by J.C. Hempel in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was just 21 years of age at the time and had just DKK 300 in his pocket, but his idea to sell ready-mixed marine paints would go on to revolutionise the Danish marine industry. J.C. Hempel delivered the first order himself on his bicycle, with the cans of paint dangling from the handlebars.

J.C. Hempel led our company for over 70 years. His belief that it’s “the will to want that creates the skill to do” remains at the core of our company today. He also believed a company’s greatest asset was its people. And, despite global growth, we remain a small company at heart, where colleagues are valued and looked after.

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