Protective Services 

Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Protecting your assets has never mattered more

In an increasingly competitive world, it’s more important than ever to maximise the effectiveness and durability of every coating. With our Protective Services, you ensure your coatings are applied correctly, efficiently and according to specification. This ensures you enjoy extended asset uptime and optimised maintenance intervals – allowing your business operations to continue with minimum interruption.

Greater efficiency. Higher profits.

We know that downtime and repair costs can impact your profits. So, we work with the application team to ensure your coating projects are done right, with minimum costs, waste and downtime. And, if you operate a production line or application workshop, we can use our expertise to optimise your process flows, reduce your operational costs and increase your production speed.

Five reasons to choose Hempel Protective Services

Our expert coating advisors ensure your maintenance and newbuild projects run efficiently and that your coatings are applied correctly – so you can realise the full benefits of our coating systems.

1. An optimised application process

Whether you’re working on a production line or maintaining an asset, we work with you to optimise every part of the application process. From advice and troubleshooting to continuous support, we help identify cost savings and efficiency gains to maximise speed and productivity, reduce waste and eliminate rework.


2. Lower operational costs 

From labour and handling to rework and penalties for late delivery, coating application can significantly increase your operating costs. By assessing all costs associated with coating application – from materials and equipment through to supply and storage – we help you take advantage of cost-saving opportunities.

3. Reduced long-term maintenance costs

For industrial assets, the cost of through-life maintenance often exceeds the purchase price. By ensuring correct coating application during newbuild and maintenance work, we help to reduce the risk of mechanical damage or premature coating failure – to minimise long-term maintenance requirements and reduce your total cost of ownership.

4. Reduce asset downtime

Whatever assets you operate, downtime can have a negative impact on revenues. We help streamline your maintenance work to ensure your assets remain in operation for as long as possible – so you benefit from higher asset uptime.

5. Increase your revenue

Productivity has a direct impact on profitability. We support you throughout your coatings project to increase efficiency, eliminate bottlenecks and boost application speed. As a result, your asset is in-service for longer – and you can focus on running your business with minimum disruption.