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Expert resources for your project – anywhere

In a competitive market, your success depends on having more than the latest technology. It also demands the right skills, experience and attitude to get the job done in the most cost-efficient and future-proof way.

Hempel Services provide the right coating expertise for you and your market. Wherever you are in the world, our global technical service team can help ensure your coatings are applied correctly, efficiently and in a way that optimises your operations over the long term.

Protect your assets like never before

You’ll know that health and longevity of your assets are key to your business. But it’s a big responsibility keeping them running optimally at all times. Every effort you make to reduce downtime and optimise operations can have a big impact on your running and maintenance costs. Yet you may not always have the resources to get there on your own. That’s where our Protective Services come in.


Optimise your drydocking process and reduce costs

Are you facing falling freight rates? Is the pressure on to reduce fuel costs and cut your vessels’ time in dry dock? With a Hempel coating advisor at the centre of your drydocking process, you get the optimal coating applied in the shortest time. The result? Reduced application costs, extended maintenance intervals and maximum vessel trading time.


Tested and certified to international standards

All Hempel coating advisors are trained and certified to meet strict international safety standards. Around 70 per cent of our coating advisors are certified to the highest technical standards, and 600 work within specialised areas. So whatever your service needs, we can draw on our global pool of technical experts to make sure they’re met efficiently.

Safety certified
  • HUET
Technically certified
  • NACE
Specialty areas
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