Hempel Services 

Giving you a competitive edge 

Expert resources for your project - anywhere 

Imagine if tighter project management could cut your coating application costs in half. Or a simple adjustment in processes could eliminate downtime during maintenance. What if better application quality could reduce your long-term maintenance requirements significantly? Or a change of coating could knock your fuel use and VOC emissions?

These are the benefits you could get with Hempel Services.

Your business our expertise - a performance partnership

In a world where every operator is striving to increase efficiency and every asset is pushed to the max, Hempel Services can give you an edge.

Every day, our global team of coating advisors can be found on newbuild sites and production lines, in dry docks and workshops, helping customers to optimise their processes, reduce maintenance costs, cut down on waste and improve the environmental performance of their assets.

Whatever country you operate in, we have the right coating expertise for you and your business.


Increase asset uptime, cut application costs, improve efficiency – and enjoy full performance from every coating.


Improve your team's technical knowledge and skills – to increase efficiency and improve quality.                                                                   

Tested, proven and certified to international standards 

Whatever your service needs, you can draw on our pool of more than 500 coating advisors and technical experts around the globe. All our coating advisors are trained and certified to meet strict international safety standards. The majority of our coating advisors are FROSIO/NACE certified and work within specialised areas.