Hempel Topaz Zero

The sustainable alternative

For an environmentally friendly topcoat, turn to Topaz Zero

With ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC), and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, this odourless paint is ideal for interiors.

Topaz Zero is a waterborne coating that takes into account your health and wellbeing without compromising on quality and longevity.

So, what exactly does this mean, and why should it concern you?

Simply put, with Topaz Zero, we offer a sustainable coating that prioritises both you and the planet. By removing toxic substances that can lead to a lot of health problems if inhaled – not to mention their contribution to poor air quality and global warming, giving you a paint solution that has real depth.

A coating that gives you more

Our 100% acrylic-based coating protects against the formation of harmful bacteria and mould. Leaving you with a smooth, luxurious finish that will remain for the long haul – in addition to being easy to keep clean.

Choose from our matt, silk and semi-gloss options to get the sheen level you need, and give your colours another dimension.

How does Topaz Zero work?

With anti-microbial additives, our sustainable Topaz Zero paint offers full protection against bacteria and fungus – thanks to our aim to keep VOC to an absolute minimum, in addition to using zero lead. Leaving you with a vibrant, colour-fast finish that is easy to maintain.

Topaz Zero with Silver Ions is ideal for settings where health and safety are of the utmost importance, such as hospitals. Silver ions are designed to kill microbes when the paint they are embedded in is exposed to micro moisture, the likes of which can carry bacteria and cause mould to form.

The range also includes a waterborne filler with top-of-the-range filling, sanding and workability properties, as well as a primer which is guaranteed to ensure a perfect finish.

Solutions that make a difference

Formulated with indoor air quality in mind, Topaz Zero has become the top choice for hospitals and medical facilities across the Middle East – as well as a wide range of other establishments.

Download the brochure for a more in-depth look.

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