Advanced floor protection for concrete floors

Outstanding decorative systems for floors

Our Hempafloor Decorate 600 flooring systems offer you a completely new world of amazing floors. You can create eye-catching and architecturally impactful designs without compromising on performance.
Experience multidimensional colours in an array of designs. With our metallic and pearlescent pigments, flakes and quartz, create a highly customisable flooring system that offers a wide range of hues – and no limit on creativity. Choose the colours you want, and create a design that beautifully matches your building’s décor and architecture.

Proven performance every step of the way

Built for long-term performance and easy maintenance, Hempafloor Decorate 600 offers industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance, ensuring maximum durability in high footfall areas.

Sustainable from the ground up

Ideal for green buildings, our low-VOC (volatile organic compound) version is fully compliant with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards.

Easy application and maintenance

As a self-levelling solution, Hempafloor Decorate 600 is easy to apply. The smooth, glossy finish is easy to clean and robust enough to handle heavy cleaning fluids and regular washing.

Unbeatable aesthetics

Available in a variety of base colours, different coloured pigments, flakes or quartz can be blended to match the aesthetic requirements of any building’s décor and interior design.

Full customer service and support

It’s important to choose the right paint solution for your floor. Our dedicated team leaders are always on hand to walk you through the selection process, while our colour advisors will help you choose the perfect colour mix for your building.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to provide long last protection, Hempafloor Decorate 600 has become the top floor coating of choice for high value projects across the Middle East – as well as a wide range of other establishments.

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