Advanced floor protection for concrete floors

Advanced floor protection for concrete floors

Hempafloor provides ultimate protection for concrete floors. Offering best-in-class abrasion resistance and mechanical strength, it has been developed to reduce the need for cyclical maintenance whilst offering high standards in sustainability.

Our Hempafloor range includes epoxies and auxiliary products for the protection and beautification of floors. It is ideal for painting floors at exhibition halls, sports venues, parking lots, warehouses, factories and many more floors ranging from light to heavy traffic for public use.

Excellent sealing and adhesion properties

As a transparent two component solvent-based epoxy primer, Hempafloor Prime 100 is designed to seal and saturate well-cleaned and porous concrete surfaces before applying the topcoats from the Hempafloor range. This will ensure adhesion between Hempafloor topcoats and the substrate. Its convenient long pot-life makes it easy to apply.

As a high-build two component solvent free epoxy primer, Hempafloor Prime 420 is odour free and can be easily applied by a brush or a roller. It is specifically formulated to ensure the maximum adhesion especially in the Hempafloor screed systems.

Filling concrete surface imperfections for the best results

For the best results it may be required to fill imperfections and irregularities in the concrete floors prior to applying topcoats from the Hempafloor range. The Hempafloor Fill range of products is a high build, solvent free epoxy putty range with high strength, non-shrinking and excellent chemical resistance properties. Products of the Hempafloor Fill range can be applied up to 5 millimeters of thickness in a single coat which makes them remarkably easy to apply. The Hempafloor Fill 200 is a filler for floors and the Hempafloor Fill 100 is a filler for both walls and floors.

The “Greener” choice in epoxy traffic systems

Hempafloor Traffic 150 is a water based, self-priming two-component epoxy paint. Its unique water vapour permeability properties makes it suitable for application on damp concrete surfaces in “wet” working environments. This is particularly useful in industries where it may be difficult or impossible to obtain a dry surface. It can also be applied to walls and it has good washability, making it a highly suitable for application in environments like nurseries, schools, clinics and hospitals.

Outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance

Hempafloor traffic systems are designed to protect concrete floors in heavy traffic areas such as sports halls, stadia, factories, warehouses - even with heavy forklift traffic, workshops - even when spillage is common such as aircrafts hangers, food processing facilities, medical laboratories, car ramps and car parks. The Hempafloor traffic range is versatile. The Hempafloor Traffic 300 is a two component solvent based epoxy coating which is available in a wide range of colours for medium traffic applications. For a LEED compliant volatile organic content (VOC), the Hempafloor Traffic 320 is a high build two component solvent free epoxy coating with exceptionally low odor which makes it perfect for indoor applications. For outstanding mechanical properties and exceptional chemical resistance, the Hempafloor Traffic 520 is the high build two component epoxy coating that is also odour free and nontoxic. For a non-slip floor surface, use Hempafloor traffic systems with Hempel’s dried silica sand Anti-slint 500 and Anti-slint 900.

Special flooring solutions for special applications

When outstanding UV-resistance, colour and gloss retention is required; Hempafloor Durable 300 is a two-component, UV-resistant non yellowing polyurethane paint with exceptional resistance to dirt and grease pick up. For basketball and football sports grounds, tennis courts and other sports grounds courts; Hempel’s Sports Ground Marking is a water based and environmentally friendly paint based on styrene acrylic with outstanding flexibility, excellent non-skid properties. Hempel’s Sports Ground Marking is easy to apply with excellent colour retention.

For airfield and road marking applications; Hempel’s SB Airfield & Road Marking is a fast drying, self-priming and easy to apply, styrene alkyd-based paint with a matt finish which can be applied on top of existing coating systems. It is specially designed for bitumen and concrete road substrates with excellent adhesion and high resistance to abrasion, impact and spillage of petrol and mineral oils. Hempel’s WB Airfield & Road Marking is environmentally friendly with the same excellent properties for meeting the sophisticated requirements of airfield and road marking applications.

A flooring for the strictest hygiene measures

Pharmaceutical industries, dietary supplements processing plants, laboratories and the negative pressure quarantine “clean” rooms in hospitals are just a small sample of industries that require strict hygiene measures for all exposed surfaces. Hempafloor Anti-Microbial 500 is a two-component high-build, solvent-free epoxy paint with anti-microbial properties, it’s high resistance to chemicals makes it even more easy to clean and disinfect. Hempafloor Anti-Microbial 500 has outstanding mechanical properties to ensure longevity and reduce the need for cyclic maintenance and shutdowns in those critical facilities.

Seamless flooring with excellent mechanical properties

Seamless, self-smoothing and high build flooring solutions with excellent chemical, abrasion and impact resistance properties are required for a wide range of applications such as hospitals, laboratories, facility kitchens and others. Hempafloor Self-level 200 is a solvent-free, three-component epoxy paint system suitable for obtaining a dry film thickness (DFT) from 1 to 2 mm and could be applied up to 3millimeters. Hempafloor Self-level 500 is a high build, solvent-free, three-component epoxy paint system suitable for obtaining a dry film thickness (DFT) from 2 to 5 millimeters.

Industrial grade screed for refurbishment of concrete

Available in standard colours, the Hempafloor Screed systems are formulated as three components, solvent free industrial screed with excellent adhesion for the refurbishment of concrete with outstanding mechanical properties and trusted durability for heavy duty applications such as industrial workshops and factories. Hempafloor Screed 230 is suitable for obtaining a dry film thickness (DFT) from 5 to 10 millimeters, Hempafloor Screed 250 is suitable for obtaining a dry film thickness (DFT) from 5 to 15 millimeters. Hempafloor Screed products are recommended to be used in system with Hempafloor Prime 420 for the best results.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to provide long-lasting protection, Hempafloor has become the top floor coating of choice for high value projects across the Middle East – as well as a wide range of other establishments.

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