Our Hempacore intumescent coatings provide proven passive fire protection for cellulosic fires, as well as long-term performance and reliability

Intumescent passive fire protection

Building safety should never be a question of compromise. That’s why we developed the Hempacore range of passive fire protection coatings.

All commonly used building materials lose strength when exposed to high enough temperatures. In extreme cases, even steel can buckle and collapse in a matter of minutes. Our Hempacore intumescent fire protection coatings insulate structural steel during cellulosic fire so it can retain its load-bearing capacity for up to two hours, giving people valuable time to evacuate.

The optimum passive fire protection available 

Compared to other passive fire protection systems, such as concrete casings or fire-resistant boards, our Hempacore intumescent coatings give you a number of benefits. They are easy to apply and maintain, can be over-coated with any finish from our Decorative or Protective range and leave more room for ceiling and wall fixtures.

Hempacore intumescent fire protective coatings can be used on a wide range of structures, from sports stadia and transportation centres to buildings and skyscrapers. They can be specified for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, and the range includes Hempacore AQ, a waterborne VOC-free coating that complies with the latest environmental standards for green buildings.

Increased durability and faster application 

In our weathering tests, Hempacore coatings outperform other reactive coatings in terms of durability. This not only brings down your long-term maintenance costs but also ensures the coatings maintain their fire protection performance for longer.

We developed Hempacore coatings with ease of application in mind. They have a high solids volume and can tolerate a dry film thickness up to 1,500 microns, so you can cover a large surface area in a single coat. They can be applied in a wide range of weather conditions and Hempacore One FD gives you short drying times to increase both onsite and offsite productivity.

Testing and quality control

Choosing the best intumescent coating solution

All our intumescent coatings are thoroughly tested to ensure reliable and lasting performance, both in our labs and by independent specialists and international standards boards.

Our production facilities undergo yearly inspections to ensure they meet the required quality and certification requirements. Our raw materials are tested to strict requirements, and we employ state-of-the-art line quality control to ensure all our products meet our high quality standards.

Hempacore coatings are compatible with a wide range of primers and topcoats, so you can tailor-make your coating system to suit the exact exposure conditions of your building. But selecting the best intumescent passive fire protection system depends on many factors.