Hempel Contex Thermoguard

Thermal insulation for buildings in hot climates

Thermal insulation for buildings in hot climates

Contex Thermoguard is a thermal paint with high solar reflex index (SRI), specifically formulated to keep interiors cool and reduce energy consumption for air conditioning.

Air conditioning is one of the main sources of energy consumption in the Middle East and, in most buildings, the sun’s infrared rays are the single largest contributor to internal heat gain.

Contex Thermoguard represents the next evolution in heat reflecting technology. Ideal as a finishing coat for various exterior building facades in hot climates, Contex Thermoguard provides excellent thermal insulation and an extremely long-lasting finish.

  • Unique thermal insulation properties (high solar reflection-index)
  • Proven energy-saving abilities
  • Excellent anti-carbonation properties
  • Excellent anti-fungal properties

A robust exterior coating for the ultimate thermal protection

Contex Thermoguard is a waterborne, elastomeric, breathable and smooth-textured topcoat that uses an advanced pure acrylic binder to ensure excellent anti-carbonation and crack-bridging ability. The technology used in Contex Thermoguard can keep surfaces cooler and reduce heat build-up in indoor areas, conserving energy and reducing energy costs for a lower carbon footprint.

How does Contex Thermoguard work?

Contex Thermoguard’s unique formulation combines heat-reflecting pigments and glass microspheres to reflect solar energy, especially energy in the infrared spectrum. This significantly reduces heat transfer into indoor areas, which, in turn, lowers average indoor temperatures and dewing – adding to Contex Thermoguard’s high durability.

Sustainable from the ground up

A low maintenance, waterborne coating with unique insulation properties, Contex Thermoguard is, inherently, a “green” solution. It contributes to sustainability efforts through proven energy-saving capabilities, unique thermal insulation properties, and superior durability.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to provide thermal insulation and long-lasting protection, our exterior coating solution, Contex Thermoguard, has become the environmentally friendly choice for structures in the Middle East.

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