Hempel Casa

Beautiful textures for exteriors

Beautiful textures for exteriors

Casa is our range of texture paints formulated using high quality aggregates, pigments and resins to protect and beautify facades in harsh climates. This specialist range is based on advanced acrylic technology that forms a crack-bridging protective layer, for a long-lasting finish.

Casa textures

Casa range offers you four attractive acrylic textures to bring out the beauty of your walls and create the ambience you have always desired in your home.

Casa Rustica

A touch of history on your exterior walls. Casa Rustica gives you an old textured finish that embellishes and protects your facade.

Casa Badeya

Casa Badeya is a unique selection of exterior paints inspired by the heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. It provides maximum protection against harsh weather conditions, such as high temperatures, humidity and severe cold. Casa Badeya is the perfect choice to capture the finish of golden desert sands with ultimate protection for the home, no matter how severe the environment is.

Casa Diyar

A traditional touch that takes you back to home wherever you are. Feel rooted with Diyar, an exterior texture that has the warmth and structure of the desert sand, with its fine yet vivid ripples and specks. Diyar protects your homes from harsh climate, It is guaranteed to dazzle and impress.

Solutions that make a difference

Designed to provide long-lasting texture finishes, Casa has become the top coating of choice for villas and high value projects across the Middle East – as well as a wide range of other establishments.

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