Reliable long-term performance that ensures operational flexibility

Reliable long-term performance

Atlantic+ delivers unparalleled protection and it is designed to protect the hull from fouling throughout service intervals of up to 60 months. Ensuring complete operational flexibility, the new antifouling is suitable for all vessel types and all water temperatures.

How it works

Atlantic+ incorporates a powerful biocide package and proven binder system. This ensures progressive and controlled self-polishing from the moment the hull hits the water and for up to 60 months thereafter. For unmatched mechanical strength, the new coating is reinforced with Hempel’s microfibre technology at a higher level of the company’s strongest cargo hold coating – Hempadur Ultra Strength Fibre.

The science behind the microfibre technology involves introducing an internal skeleton of fibres into the paint to enhance its mechanical strength – in the same way that steel rods can be inserted into concrete to reinforce a physical structure. Strengthening the antifouling coating in this way means ensuring protection from fouling on areas exposed to impact and abrasion; improving overcoatibility; reducing the areas to blast; and ultimately decreases the costs for the ship's dry docking.

What it does for your fleet

The efficient biocide package means that Atlantic+ is an effective solution in different water temperatures and during different vessel operations. As a result, it delivers full fouling protection for vessels engaged in global trading. It is built on a tried and proven ingredient that both helps improve antifouling performance and offers effective self-polishing and smoothing characteristics.