Our second stop is the territory of harmony. The magic that happens when we come together and share our best qualities and live with one another. The unity that bridges us together and makes us feel seen, understood, and supported.

The awareness -of ourselves and others- and the trust we have for one another are the cornerstones of building a compassionate and caring community. A safe space for healing and growing together. Community is about caring for others and recognising the “You” among the whole. It’s to love unconditionally and to believe in our collective potential.

Our 2023 'Community' colour palette represents friendship and togetherness. Deep yellow brings hope and confidence, reddish brown to ground us to our shared values, genuine blue implying honesty and seriousness, in addition to fresh mint green and forest deep green that extend feelings of compassion and mimic the same feelings we experience when we are in nature.

Shine your colour in the community!