As with every tree, flower, and mountain we encounter on this journey, we are unique. Our individuality is manifested through authentic self-expression and creativity, through being true to ourselves and respecting our freedom. One of the Pandemic's great lessons was the maximised awareness of our individuality, and the importance of being mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and also the surrounding environment, through a nurturing and caring lens.

Individuality is about caring for one’s self, shedding light on what distinguishes the “I” from the whole, and by doing so, we bring back attention to our shared humanity. With such awareness, we learn the weight our actions have on others and their impact on the environment we share.

The colour palette of this realm mirrors various constructs of individuality; Authenticity, freedom, creativity, and respect. We express our uniqueness through clean, soft tones that allow us to play with colours while respecting our boundaries.

"They give us all that’s needed to express our authentic selves and to show that edge of whole-heartedly existing. The warm and cool tones personify our freedom of spirit and evoke a sense of empathy, compassion, and respect towards others.

What colour are you?"