Selfless Planet

"Our final destination is also where everything had begun!

Since the beginning of life, this planet has abundantly provided us with every resource we needed to survive and thrive! And now, with our growing consciousness and compassion; we admit our social responsibility and commit to giving back and behaving in ways that heal our home planet."

Setting the wellbeing of our planet as a priority; it’s “You” and “Me” collaborating to alter our consumer behaviours and adopt sustainable resources. It’s time to pay back for all the generosity!

Inspired by the natural reserves and protected sites of the Gulf region; the colour palette for 'Selfless Planet' includes foundational, earthy yellow and browned orange tones. Vivid blue and green complement the earthy hues to remind us of the infinite charm of Mother Nature. This palette reconnects us to our origins and relates us to our earthly beauty.

Your journey starts now, don’t miss a colour!