The Fourth Dimension

 Have you ever closely watched an hourglass and felt that time matters? The Fourth Dimension is just that. It is all about a determination to transcend beyond the three usual dimensions: buildings, spaces, and social interactions to the limits of the Fourth Dimension, where time is the superhero and healer.

The Fourth Dimension represents our deep appreciation of time of the new normal. It characterizes the awareness we developed in a post-pandemic reality. That time and space are intertwined. 

Winter? Summer? Fall? Spring? Every season has a taste, and every moment counts. Every minute is a new chance to restore inner peace and self-love.

The color palette story for (The Fourth Dimension) trend is biological. It represents curiosity to discover the power of color in sanitizing the air and cleansing our bodies. It includes low saturated and nuanced colors that mirror the botanical hues of plants and herbs.