Colour Trends 2021

Wind of Change

Like a storm disrupting our lives, 2020 was surprising and unexpected – it was a year of many changes. Living rooms and meeting rooms have merged, online birthdays have become the norm, and wearing a mask, just another facial attribute.

As some storms do, 2020 also cleared our paths: it gave us vision, showed us our priorities. We recognize the value of friends and family, the importance of teachers, nurses, and doctors and we see the truth for what it is. More than that, we give life our very best, because we understand that certainty is a luxury we do not have. We savor every moment spent with family, we work with all our hearts, we help others with all that we have got. It is this new life and our resilience and adaptability to change that have inspired this year’s colors.

Wind of change reflects the functionality of our spaces which have become multi-purpose and responds to our needs as human beings in a transitioning world. Inspiring creativity, calling for calmness and even bringing some joy, this year’s colours are truly for everyone to enjoy.

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Colour of the Year 2021

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