Sustainability throughout the supply chain

Promoting good business practice around the world

Driving responsibility beyond our own operations

As a global manufacturer, we have the opportunity to promote good working practices throughout a supply chain that stretches across the globe – and beyond our own operations. We’re committed to supporting the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and we extend this commitment to our business partners through our Responsible Procurement programme.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct states what we expect from our suppliers regarding quality, environment, health and safety, human rights and business ethics. Adherence to our Business Partner Code of Conduct is mandatory for all suppliers and is an integrated part of our global e-sourcing system.

Working with suppliers to ensure sustainable practices

We regularly evaluate our suppliers to ensure they follow our Business Partner Code of Conduct. This includes an independent annual evaluation of certain suppliers, conducted by EcoVadis, as well as thorough screening of all new raw material suppliers. If a company doesn’t meet our standards, we request that they commit to an improvement plan, or we will find an alternative supplier.

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