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Fast drying for a reliable, high quality, tough finish

Komatsu doesn’t stand still, continually setting new standards in innovation. As part of this process, Komatsu looked at the coatings used on their heavy duty equipment. Their goal? Machinery that is better protected to exceed their expectations for colour consistency, reliability and high quality.

As part of this improvement program, Komatsu decided to put two market leading urethane brands to the test. One was our own Acrylithane.

Komatsu is dedicated to high quality products delivered quickly.
Bruce Nelson, General Manager, Chattanooga Manufacturing Operation

The challenge

Komatsu in Chattanooga, TN, decided to review the heavy duty equipment coatings for their excavation machinery. With continual improvement in mind, they wanted to offer their customers an even tougher finish and improve the efficiency of the coating process. This meant putting our anti-corrosion coatings for heavy duty equipment to the test.

The solution

In tests, our Acrylithane offered compelling additional benefits to our customer:

  • uniform colour with significantly less fade, even after 18 months
  • 26 per cent better gloss retention, exceeding customer specifications
  • no solvent pop, even with thicker DFTs, significantly reducing rework
  • extended pot life in use, significantly longer than the previous coatings

Komatsu Chattanooga, TN, now uses Acrylithane as standard.

Field audits confirmed Hempel Acrylithane meets Komatsu's exact needs. We are proud to be part of the Komatsu story, helping their equipment to perform better and achieve Komatsu’s goals.

With our own innovation program, we continue to improve our heavy duty equipment coatings, offering the latest, advanced solutions to our customers.

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About Komatsu America Corp. is a U.S. subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of earth moving equipment.
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