Fast-drying coating helps deliver ahead of schedule

With Hempel fast-dry coatings, Buijsse International was able to deliver ahead of schedule, even in the cold months of winter.

Last year Norwegian group Yara International – the world’s leading producer of nitrates, calcium nitrate, NPKs and global number two in ammonia – began the construction of a new Urea section at their plant in Sluiskil, an investment of €250 million. With ammonia, nitric acid, urea and nitrate granulation plants, Sluiskil houses Europe’s largest installed ammonia and nitrate fertiliser capacities.

The new urea plant replaces the prilling tower, which dates back to the 1970s. The new urea plant produces urea granules with added sulphur. It is the first time ever that this new granulation technology is implemented on this scale. The contract for protecting this building was awarded to Hempel’s long standing Belgian collaborator, Buijsse International.

Buijsse International is based in Lokeren. Thanks to their 20,000m² of conditioned production halls and their highly-qualified coating teams, Buijsse aims to be the benchmark in terms of industrial surface coating and protection. In accordance with Yara’s project requirements, the steelwork construction was transported to site immediately after coating in winter at temperatures sometimes below 0°C, a challenge which Buijsse, with its vast experience in the chemical, construction, infrastructure and offshore sectors, was able to accomplish to perfection.
Yara Sluiskil Atomic Image 1
Yara Sluiskil Atomic Image 2
Building on over 3 decades of close collaboration, Buijsse chose Hempel for this job. Thanks to our fast-dry protective coatings, Buijsse was able to complete work before the scheduled delivery date, a significant success for both Buijsse and Hempel, given Yara’s exacting standards for all its plants, usually operated in industrial areas of high humidity and environments classified as C-5I.
We supplied 14,000 litres of Hempadur Mastic 4588W and 4,000 litres of Hempathane HS 55610. A primary reason for choosing Hempadur Mastic 4588W as the primer and intermediate coat in this system is that this fast-drying epoxy is especially suited to low-temperature application with short recoating intervals. Hempathane HS 55610 topcoat contains zinc phosphate to provide a VOC-compliant finish for structural steel in corrosive environments. This combination was a vital factor in Buijsse’s successful winter performance in Sluiskil.
Yara Sluiskil Atomic Image 3
Yara Sluiskil Atomic Image 4
Hempel is delighted to have been a part of this project, as both Buijsse and Yara are highly significant players in their fields. With our global capabilities, we look forward to further collaboration with them in other regions.