Protecting millions of visitors at Park of Poland

Park of Poland is one of Europe’s premier holiday centres. Located in Wręcza, around 60 kilometres from Warsaw, the park offers a range of attractions, including an indoor water park, theme parks and other facilities such as hotels, bungalows, office spaces and apartment buildings. Park of Poland was completed at the end of 2019 and is expected to attract millions of visitors each year.

Our coatings protect all 4,500 tons of structural steel at Park of Poland and include a high-quality passive fire protection system based on our intumescent coating Hempacore One FD to improve safety for visitors and staff. Applied to the structural steel, Hempacore One FD will expand if exposed to high heat, insulating the steel beneath. In a fire, this will extend the steel’s load-bearing capacity for up to three hours, giving valuable extra time for evacuation and emergency response.

Park of Poland has a distinctive aesthetic, and the architects had very specific requirements for the appearance of the finished coating system. To help them select the best look, we supplied a number of samples from our wide assortment of finishing coats. An extremely low-gloss matt finish was chosen, which we supplied in a long-lasting polyurethane topcoat to ensure the structure retains its looks and colour for many years to come.


The challenge

Combining modern materials with organic shapes and design, Park of Poland is built with 4,500 tons of structural steel. Around 3,000 tons of this steel – approximately 80 per cent of the entire park – uses passive fire protection. During construction, this presented Metal Yapi, the experienced Turkish-based company contracted to apply the coating system, with a problem.

The original paint specification required an incredibly high dry film thickness for the intumescent coating. Even though the coatings were being applied in-shop, this would add a great deal of drying time to the application cycle, significantly delaying the project. We have a long relationship with Metal Yapi, and the company asked us to help.

The solution

Working with Metal Yapi, our Service and Commercial teams quickly came up with the optimum solution. By slightly dropping the maximum microns per layer of the Hempacore One FD intumescent coating, the applicators could vastly reduce drying time, while still delivering the total requested dry film thickness. Once fully tested and approved at our labs, the solution enabled Metal Yapi to complete the coating application cycle in half the time of the original specification.

It was very important for the project’s investors to see that quality was high. Therefore, our Service team helped Metal Yapi set up and conduct quality control tests – such as pull-off tests and cross-cuts – onsite in Poland to demonstrate that the coatings were applied to specification. The company believes that our close partnership gives it an edge over competitors, especially in situations like these when additional support is required.


At a glance




Project Park of Poland
Applicator Metal Yapi, a Turkish-based steel manufacturer and coatings applicator
Coating system Hempadur 15570
Hempacore One FD 43600
Hempathane HS 55610