Hempel’s Avantguard® technology protects Hellas Gold facilities

Hempel’s patented technology selected for a new Process Plant in Halkidiki.

Mining company Hellas Gold is building a new Process Plant, located in the Halkidiki Peninsula in Northern Greece. The facilities will be used to process all the gold-copper porphyry in the local area, the technical role of the plant being to improve the economic value of the ore by removing gangue minerals.
The project owner is a mining company which operates, develops and explores the Aristotle Municipality, Halkidiki Prefecture, Central Macedonia and Greece. It was established in December 2003 and acquired the mining rights for the Kassandra Mines in North-East Halkidiki in early 2004. Since February 2012 it has operated as a subsidiary of the Canadian company Eldorado Gold, a medium-sized gold mining company with assets in Turkey, China, Greece, Brazil and Romania.
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Due to the highly technical nature of the work it will carry out, the Process Plant will contain a complex collection of electro-mechanical equipment such as grinding mills of different varieties, flotation tanks, ore beneficiation tanks, pump boxes and storage tanks. These different components are being created by various subcontractors, including Hempel’s clients Emek SA, Lykomitros Steel SA and Viodomi SA. As well as the solid relationships we have developed in Greece, a key reason why the project subcontractors selected Hempel to coat the new structures is the need for superior anticorrosion protection in such a harsh environment where mining operations will take place.
The solution was given by our Avantguard®, series of paints with their activated zinc rich epoxies. Hempel specified Hempadur Avantguard® 550, a versatile primer for long-term protection of steel in severely corrosive environments, with superior anticorrosion properties than traditional zinc rich epoxies and the advantage of being simple to apply. Avantguard technology uses all three anticorrosion methods in order to prevent corrosion, Barrier effect, Inhibitor effect and Galvanic effect while the self-healing properties enhance the anticorrosion properties of the system in case of mechanical damages. The paint system also includes Hempadur Mastic 4588W as an intermediate coat and Hempathane HS 55610 as the finish coat. 

The system complies with the requirements of ISO 12944-5 for C5-I corrosive environment and High Durability.
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