Hempel is contributing to preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Hempel is supplying the protective coatings for the metal structures of stadiums in Samara and Saransk.

From 14th June to 15th July, Russia is hosting the year’s top sporting event, namely the final rounds of the 21st FIFA World Cup. Matches will be played in 12 stadiums across the country, some of which have been specifically built for the event.

Hempel Russia initially supplied coatings to paint the metal structures of the Moscow and  St Petersburg stadiums but subsequently, the positive experience there led to Hempel securing a contract to supply anti-corrosion coatings for the stadiums in Samara and Saransk. Decisive factors in the customer’s selection included Hempel’s reputation, the competitive price of the proposal, and the customer service.
Stadiums Samara and Saransk Atomic Image 3
Stadiums Samara and Saransk Atomic Image 2

Contractors for these stadiums in C3-classed corrosive environments specified fast-drying paints that could be applied in below-zero temperatures to achieve a coating durability of 15 years.

A number of different airless-sprayed systems were proposed for each site.

The “Samara Arena” stadium in Samara called for a more complex scheme, starting with Hempadur Fast Dry 15560, a two-component epoxy primer with a very short drying time, followed by a mid-coat of Hempadur 47200, another two-component epoxy with a short recoating interval. Hempathane 55210 was used as the topcoat.


To protect the metal structures of the “Mordovia Arena” in Saransk, a 2-layer system was chosen, comprising a coat of the two-component, highly structured epoxy Hempadur Fast Dry 17410, under a layer of Hempathane Topcoat 55210.

Stadiums Samara and Saransk Atomic Image 1
Stadiums Samara and Saransk Atomic Image 4

The interaction process involved in these projects has enabled Hempel to extend its customer base in Russia and we are delighted to be working more closely now with “PSO Kazan”, the general building contractor for the Samara and Saransk stadiums.

We have also increased our portfolio of protective coatings for sports infrastructures and facilities: since 2010, 14 new stadiums have been built in Russia and of these, 8 were protected exclusively with our coating materials. We are proud of the results achieved by our Russian colleagues and join them in wishing all the teams and fans in this summer’s FIFA World Cup the very best of luck.