A speed dry coating for world´s longest hi-speed rail viaduct

The new Hi-Speed Rail link about to go into service between Tangier and Casablanca is a feat of engineering accomplished by a consortium of Moroccan and European firms, supplied by local Hempel teams and ACQPA certified in 4 different countries. 

The Hi-Speed Rail link between Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca cuts travel time to Morocco's leading industrial hub from 285 to 130 minutes. The 350km line includes 286 new infrastructures and 13 viaducts, most notably the El Hachef Viaduct, extending over 3.5km between Asillah and Tangier, where Hempel participated in collaboration with our long-standing customers, Spain’s URSSA and Portugal’s Martifer, on what is already acclaimed as “the world’s longest rail viaduct.”
The steel and concrete El Hachef Viaduct is a veritable feat of modern engineering given the compressibility and seismic characteristics of the terrain, and so Morocco’s SGTM sub-contracted a consortium of European and local firms for this €121m project. Thanks to our cross-border capabilities, Hempel offices in Morocco, Spain, Portugal and France worked closely to supply about 60,000 litres of protective coatings for the 17,000 tonnes of structural steel built in Europe and erected on site by Martifer and URSSA, who also used Hempel coatings for the 3,000 tons of steel of the Mahrar Bridge further down the same line.
El Hachef Atomic Image 1
El Hachef Atomic Image 2
A contract requirement was that the 90,000m2 of steel surfaces be coated to an ACQPA-certified system, which in this case consisted of 2x100μm coats of Hempadur 47200, followed by 50μm of Hempathane Topcoat 55210. The steel structures were shop-coated in Europe with Hempadur 47200, our two-component, epoxy that forms a tough and hard-wearing coating in extremely short drying times, making it ideal as a primer or intermediate coat for in-shop applications.
Once coated with Hempadur, the steel structures were transferred to site, where Hempel Morocco supplied the touch-up and topcoat paints to complete the viaduct. Our glossy, two-component acrylic polyurethane, Hempathane Topcoat 55210, is well renowned for its extremely long-lasting colour fastness and gloss retention. These factors are of prime importance given the amount of direct sunlight, low night-time temperatures and abrasive windborne sand to which the viaduct will be subjected over the years.
El Hachef Atomic Image 3
El Hachef Atomic Image 4
For Hempel, this project stands as a worthy illustration of how our teams in different countries and continents work together to co-ordinate efforts and logistics and ensure the highest standards of contract fulfilment and customer satisfaction.