Olympic antifouling range

Proven antifouling with a long track record

Reliable antifouling with impressive value for money

Our Olympic antifouling range gives you reliability and proven performance across the entire docking interval.

Since 2009, our Olympic antifouling coatings have been proven to provide reliable antifouling protection on more than 7,000 applications. We’ve now reformulated the range to deliver even greater reliability. We’ve also increased the volume solids, raised the maximum dry film thickness per coat and reduced the VOC content – so you benefit from lower costs, time and emissions during application. 

Competitive idle days and trading flexibility

Dedicated versions for each trading pattern
Idle period of up to 25 days
Service intervals up to 60 months 

Proven fouling protection

Proven track record since 2009
Reliable biocide package against hard and soft fouling
Combining ion-exchange technology with Hempel’s patented Smartfibres 
Excellent colour retention

Minimise your costs

Reduced film thicknesses and high volume solids lower paint consumption
High maximum DFT per coat means fewer coats are needed
Reduced VOC emissions 

Hempel's Microfibre technology

Fibres ensure exceptional coating film cohesion and best-in-class mechanical strength. Now, we’ve made our Smartfibre technology even better, giving you an even stronger and smoother hull coating.

In our new Olympic series, we’ve increased fibre content by 20 per cent. This has enabled us to boost the coating’s hydrophobic characteristics and reduce the leached layer. The result? Improved leached layer control, better controlled polishing and a smoother fouling-free hull throughout the service period.

Olympic+ 72950

36 months. Activity levels above 60%. Medium to warm water temperatures. Up to 16 idle days. Available for application in Europe only.

Olympic+ 72900

36 months. Activity levels below 60%. Cold to medium water temperatures. Up to 18 idle days. Available for application in Europe only.

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