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The ISO 12944 standard

A quick introduction to the main international standard for corrosion protection
of steel by paint.

All steel structures, facilities and installations that are exposed to the atmosphere, under water or in soil suffer from corrosion. Consequently, they require protection.

ISO 12944 is the main international standard for corrosion protection of steel by paint. The standard consists of a series of instructions that guide the professional to achieve the required corrosion protection.

Besides our own guidelines and recommendations, we consider ISO 12944 one of the essential standards for selecting the most adequate Hempel coating system to protect your structure, facilities and installations against corrosion.

Using the ISO standard to help you protect your assets
The ISO 12944 standard includes important information regarding paint technology, criteria for paint selection and surface preparation requirements. It was developed in the 1990s, with the first edition published in 1998. We use the current version of ISO 12944 in many aspects of our business, from research and development through to technical service and marketing.

A new version of ISO 12944 will be published by April 2018. The updated standard has changed in a number of ways regarding the recommended composition of paint systems, including the number of recommended coats, dry film thicknesses, etc. We have followed the latest revisions closely and are ready to ensure a smooth transition to the revised edition of ISO 12944 when it comes into force.

More information
If you would like to understand the upcoming revision of ISO 12944 in more detail, please find more information in our dedicated webinar on the subject.

If you require any additional information about ISO 12944, including how we work with it at Hempel, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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