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Hempel's coatings for the wind energy industry

Hempel has worked with the wind energy industry since the very beginning. We supply a full portfolio of high-performance anti-corrosive coatings for all wind turbine components, from wind turbine towers and nacelles to foundations and blades.

As the wind energy industry’s leading coatings supplier, we co-operate with many of the biggest names in wind energy generation, including GE, NORDEX, Siemens, Gamesa, and Vestas Wind Systems.

Working with our customers over the years, we have developed a wide range of advanced anti-corrosive coating solutions for the wind energy industry, including coatings designed specifically to combat rain erosion on wind turbine blades and fast-curing coatings that increase production throughput.

Fast and advanced protection for lower cost per kilowatt hour

Our focus on a low total cost of ownership ensures you get prolonged service life and little or no maintenance. Our range includes advanced anti-corrosive solutions for the toughest onshore and offshore environments, such as our award-winning Hempadur Avantguard activated zinc coatings range.


Learn more about Avantguard®

AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard redefining anti-corrosion innovative technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc 

All our offshore products are NORSOK-certified and tailored to suit local needs, conditions and standards, so you know you will get the perfect coating solution every time. We also provide specialist maintenance solutions to keep your wind energy installation running smoothly 24/7.

3-coat systems for the ultimate protection in tough environments

-    Hempadur Avantguard 750
-    Hempadur Mastic 45880
-    Hempathane HS 55610

2-coat systems for faster throughput and lower application costs
-    Hempadur 4774D
-    Hempathane HS 5561

Global delivery and high-quality technical service
Our vast experience, comprehensive product range and global supply chain means we are uniquely placed to serve the global demands of the wind energy industry. We have offices, production units and R&D centres across the globe, and our Technical Service teams include FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors who are specially trained in wind energy solutions, helping you onsite to ensure your coatings are applied correctly and efficiently.

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