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Versiline CUI 56990: Unrivalled corrosion protection for industrial valves

Our Versiline CUI 56990 is engineered for versatility, simplicity and improved performance when it comes to anti-corrosion valve coatings.

Highly corrosive environments can significantly reduce the operating life of industrial valves, leading to increased downtime, maintenance and replacement costs. Versiline CUI 56990 improves the lifespan of a variety of industrial valves, including control valves, check valves, ball valves and gate valves. 

For more detailed information and technical specifications see our brochure on Industrial Valves - Versatile corrosion protection with Versiline CUI 56990.

Increased performance and thermal resistance for industrial bulk valves
Versiline CUI 56990 protects valves across a wide range of extreme temperatures (-196°C/-320.8°F -650°C/-1202°F) eliminating the need for many different systems and reducing the risk of incorrect application. Featuring outstanding heat-resistant properties which minimises the risk of micro-cracking when faced with extreme heat.

Less hassle, more protection
Engineered as a versatile anti-corrosion coating, Versiline CUI 56990 meets your needs no matter what the service environment or valve function. Versiline CUI 56990 is designed for easy application and fast drying, which means less waiting, more production. Excellent adhesion and impact resistance protects valves from damage throughout transport and installation.  

Featuring low chloride and impurity levels, Versiline CUI 56990 allows a simplified approach to painting of stainless steel valves. A high film build and resistance to sagging means that application is always easy, in spec and on time. Available in multiple shades to combat non-conformances and reworks.

Trusted by our customers
A leading European valve manufacturer recently chose Versiline CUI 56990 as the protective coating for valves ordered by a Middle Eastern Desalination Plant.

By selecting a product with a wide temperature range the customer was able to cover many requirements by specifying a single coating, reducing complexity and eliminating the risk of incorrect selection/application.


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