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A waterborne epoxy primer, Hemudur provides long-lasting corrosion-inhibiting protection for a wide range of steel structures.

Based on Hempel’s waterborne  epoxy technology, our Hemudur range of products deliver good outdoor performance and will ensure you benefit from long maintenance intervals as well as easy maintenance.

Better for the environment and your efficiency

Environmentally friendly low-VOC coatings, Hemudur primers are ideal for power generation installations and civil structures and buildings in moderately corrosive environments where long protection and environmental performance are a must.

Hemudur primers can be used in three-coat systems, as well as fast-drying two-coat systems that improve production efficiency without compromising on performance. They can be combined with a number of intermediates and topcoats to create a reliable and high-performance anti-corrosive system.

Our Hemudur range includes:
Hemudur 18500: A waterborne two-component polyamine-cured epoxy primer containing zinc phosphate to inhibit corrosion, Hemudur 18500 is a strong coating with excellent corrosion prevention properties. It can be used as a steel primer with waterborne acrylic and polyurethane topcoats to provide a complete waterborne anti-corrosive coating system or as a general purpose primer on steel constructions.

Hemudur 45800: A waterborne two-component fast-curing epoxy coating, Hemudur 45800 cures to a strong and rust-preventing coating that won’t let you down. It is ideal as a self-primed system in mild to moderate corrosive environments where the aesthetics of epoxy paints are acceptable.

Hemudur Finish 48582: A waterborne two-component epoxy with good mechanical and chemical resistance, Hemudur Finish 48582 is ideal for concrete, cement and asphaltic floors in a range of areas, from workshops and factories to hospitals and car parks.

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Did you know…?

-    Hempel is owned by the Hempel Foundation, a charitable organisation
-    The Hempel Foundation supports research into sustainable technologies at the Technical University of Denmark
-    The Foundation works with others on more than 20 educational projects around the globe, helping more than 40,000 underprivileged children get a better education

> Read more at hempelfoundation.com.


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