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Hempaline: Trusted in challenging environments

Designed specifically for the toughest conditions, our high-performance Hempaline linings keep your assets safe for longer to help reduce maintenance costs and increase asset uptime.

Proven to protect steel and concrete substrates in the most challenging environments, Hempaline linings are ideal for applications where heavy-duty performance is critical to both structural integrity and production uptime.

Hempaline linings provide reliable protection in difficult to service environments, such as tanks, smoke stacks, ductwork and secondary containment areas. They offer long-lasting protection against high temperatures, abrasive particles and aggressive chemicals, and are trusted by customers in a range of industries, from oil & gas and power generation.

Our Hempaline assortment includes epoxy and vinyl ester linings, with glass-flake, mineral and fibreglass reinforced lining options also available for specific applications. They can be used as one or two-coat systems, depending on your service requirements.

Broad product range and local service offering
As a full-service coatings supplier, we can supply a coating system for almost any asset or service condition. On every project, our local technical service and laboratory teams will work closely with you to assess your service conditions and ensure you get a long-lasting coating system.

Currently, Hempaline Defend linings are only available in selected regions. Please contact your local Hempel representative to find out more.

Hempaline Defend vinyl ester linings
Strengthened with an epoxy backbone, our Hempaline Defend vinyl ester linings are highly resistant to water penetration, delamination, extreme temperatures and humidity. The products can be used in a range of systems depending on your specific requirements.

Our Hempaline Defend vinyl ester range, among others, includes:

Hempaline Defend 740: A Novolac glass-flake-filled vinyl ester with excellent chemical and dry-heat resistance up to 190°C, our Hempaline Defend 740 lining ensures long-term asset protection in high temperatures and acidic conditions.

Hempaline Defend epoxy linings

Our Hempaline Defend epoxy range includes:

Hempaline Defend 630: A 100% solids Novolac epoxy coating with excellent chemical resistance.  The linings feature rapid cure, allowing vessels to be returned to service in as little as 24 hours saving you application costs and lost revenues.


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