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Avantguard®: Redefining anti-corrosion

Lower maintenance costs and extended maintenance intervals are the inspiration behind our Avantguard® range of protective zinc epoxy primers.

Our Hempadur Avantguard® zinc epoxy primers are ideal for industrial structures and buildings in tough environments where low maintenance costs and long maintenance intervals are a must.

Based on activated zinc technology, our patented Hempadur Avantguard® coatings have been proven to deliver significantly higher galvanic corrosion protection than zinc epoxies without activated zinc technology. The unique formulation also enhances the coatings’ mechanical strength and offers greater working tolerances, to set a new standard for protection in tough C4 and C5 corrosive conditions.

The coatings can be used in all types of applications, from offshore oil & gas installations to heavy-duty industry manufacturing and infrastructure projects, and the easy-to-apply formulation makes them ideal for both large-scale production and maintenance. 

Redefining protection, durability and productivity
The advanced corrosion protection, higher mechanical strength and improved application properties of Hempadur Avantguard® coatings have been proven in extensive tests:

•    Redefining protection: Reduced rust creep (ISO 20340) & Norsok M 501, revision 6) and excellent corrosion resistance (ISO 12944)
•    Redefining durability: Improved crack resistance (thermal cycling resistance test) and reduced cracking at low and high dry film thicknesses (NACE cracking test and Hempel welding test)
•    Redefining productivity: High tolerance to different climatic conditions (application tests under extreme thickness, temperature and humidity)

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AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard redefining anti-corrosion innovative technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc 

The Hempadur Avantguard® product range

•    Hempadur Avantguard® 750: Anti-corrosive protection in compliance with Norsok M-501 in a coating that retains its properties even at high dry film thicknesses

•    Hempadur Avantguard® 550: A fast-curing and easy-to-apply coating delivering anti-corrosive performance in compliance with ISO C5-I High

How Avantguard® works
Thanks to patented activated zinc technology, Avantguard® gives you novel 3-in-1 advanced corrosion protection:

•    High formation of zinc salts in the scribe area improves galvanic protection
•    Zinc salts throughout the film increase barrier properties to lower water permeability
•    Capturing chloride ions creates a powerful inhibition effect to combat rust creep

Avantguard®’s innovative formulation also results in improved mechanical strength, so it is much less likely to crack during operation than other coatings on the market.

The unique formulation
Zinc-rich primers have been around since the 1960s. But back in 2007, Hempel’s R&D team made an important discovery: only one-third of the zinc in a standard zinc epoxy protective coating has any anti-corrosive effect. Our team spent more than 8,000 hours in the lab to find an answer. The solution is the Avantguard® activated zinc technology, which uses a unique combination of zinc dust, hollow glass spheres and a proprietary activator to activate more zinc in the coating.


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