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Wind Turbines


Hempel`s protective coatings cover a wide range of applications in the industrial world, from oil and gas and power generation to infrastructure and light industry. In short, whatever industry you’re working in, we can provide a coating solution for your needs.

Our protective coatings are found in almost every country in the world, protecting industrial structures and essential infrastructure from the corrosive forces of nature. With a wide product range and local R&D teams, we work with you to tailor each solution to meet the specific requirements of the environment and industry you operate in.

We also provide FROSIO/NACE certified coating advisors to help streamline production and ensure your coatings are applied perfectly every time. And because we have a global network of factories and stock points, we can deliver your solution where and when you need it most.


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Fire protection

Hempel’s HEMPACORE range of intumescent coatings insulate structural steel to ensure your structure remains sound for longer.

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