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Hempel’s Speed-Dry Alkyd helps meet tight construction schedule

When constructing a new factory for a leading German automotive manufacturer, our customer needed a coating system that delivers excellent corrosion protection and can be applied extremely quickly. The answer was Hempel’s Speed-Dry Alkyd.

The challenge
The new automotive factory in Kaluga, Russia, is the largest enterprise in the region. Steel for the building was produced and coated by six different manufacturers and the production schedule was very tight. If the coating system was to be applied quickly and correctly in each location, it had to be fast drying and easy to apply – and each steel manufacturer needed full on-site support.

The solution
After close consultation with the customer, we specified a two-coat system based on our Speed-Dry Alkyd, a fast-drying coating for C2 corrosive environments that is easy to apply and dries in less than two hours. In addition, our Technical Service team worked on-site with each steel manufacturer and on the final construction site to ensure the coating was applied quickly, efficiently and correctly.


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