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A robust, fire-retardant coating for a cold store facility

When renovating a cold storage facility on the Faroe Islands, Metaalbescherming Katwijk (MBK) needed a coating system that was robust enough to provide long-lasting protection against the corrosive coastal conditions, and could provide extra protection for the facility’s workers in case of fire.

The challenge
When Dutch fishing and seafood company Parlevliet & Van der Plas renovated its cold store facility on the Faroe Islands, it asked MBK to carry out the construction work. Due to the adverse weather conditions and coastal location, the building requires an extremely robust anti-corrosive coating system. In addition, the coating system has to meet the EN standard on reactive fire-resistance protection on steel structures.

The solution
We delivered a tailored three-coat system that met all the requirements of the project, giving the cold store facility a durable and fire retardant finish. The system includes our fast-drying Hempacore One FD, an intumescent fire protection coating that enables steel to retain its load-bearing capacity for up to two hours during a fire, giving people valuable time to evacuate the building.

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