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Hempel's Antifouling Olympic 86900


Hempel's Antifouling Olympic 86900 is a high solid, tin-free, self-polishing antifouling. Polishing is based on an ion exchange, resulting in a hydrolysable activated layer. An inorganic fibre content ensures polishing control and mechanical strength. This product does not contain organotin compounds acting as biocides and complies with the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Antifouling Systems on Ships as adopted by IMO October 2001 (IMO document AFS/CONF/26).

Area of use

As an economical antifouling for bottom and boottop on vessels operating in coastal trade at low to medium speeds and (down to) low to medium activity with short to medium idle periods. Dry-docking interval of up to 36 months. Aluminium hulls: see Remarks overleaf.