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A completely biocide-free solution that reduces fuel consumption with 5% on average.

Thanks to the latest technologies, we have been able to develop HEMPASIL X3, a completely free of biocides coating, combining high efficiency and respect for the environment. HEMPASIL X3 is based on a smooth silicone binder and utilizes an invisible silicone based hydrogel micro-layer that makes it very difficult for organisms to attach to the hull.

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption, the HEMPASIL X3 is the leading fouling-release solution. Not only does HEMPASIL X3 reduce fuel consumption by 5% on average over the entire service interval, but also cuts associated CO2 emissions. HEMPASIL can be used on any type of marine vessel, and be applied on most other hull coating.

Our range of Fouling Release coatings can be applied on existing antifouling and fouling release coatings – and you can make the switch to one of our fuel-saving coatings at any time.


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