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When nothing is more important.

HEMPAGUARD® is a new, groundbreaking Fouling Defence solution from Hempel based on patented ActiGuard® technology. HEMPAGUARD® has undergone rigorous testing in aggressive waters with no visible fouling. Other tests have shown a remarkable absence of fouling on hull areas coated with HEMPAGUARD® compared with the surrounding conventional antifouling coatings.

HEMPAGUARD® is a cost effective fouling defence coating for docking intervals up to 90 months. The combination of low friction and effective biocide makes it suitable for any trading pattern as well as extended idle time for the vertical sides and flat bottom of most ship types. On top of that you can expect fuel savings 6% on average.

HEMPAGUARD® is a an extremely effective Fouling Defence coating range based on a unique combination of silicone hydrogel and effective biocide. It is recommended for any type of vessel with any trading pattern, at any speed as well as for extended idle time.

HEMPAGUARD® real-life performance

Extensive real-life application tests have proven that the effect of HEMPAGUARD® is always the same, regardless of the trading pattern of the vessel and, in particular, when slow steaming and even during idling time in aggressive waters.
HEMPAGUARD real life performance 

Performance satisfaction guarantee on HEMPAGUARD®X7

Hempel is the first hull coating manufacturer to offer a satisfaction guarantee*. We believe that nothing compares with the HEMPAGUARD® Fouling Defence System. If you are not satisfied with the performance of our top-of-the-range HEMPAGUARD®X7 coating, we will pay for conversion back to a conventional antifouling.

*conditions apply


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