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Best-in-class silylated acrylate for higher speed and activity level

Using the most advanced silylated acrylate technology, the DYNAMIC line is Hempel’s chemically hydrolysing low friction antifouling for up to 90 month service intervals. The DYNAMIC line features perfect polishing with exceptionally low leach layers and best-in-class biocides for optimal antifouling performance.

Its exceptionally good film formation optimized with the self-smoothening effect of its silylated acrylate binder means lower water friction, which translates into fuel savings and minimised CO2 emissions. This, along with its long track record and proven protection, makes DYNAMIC a great choice for predictable performance, high fuel savings and higher return on investment.

Due to multiple products and polishing rates, the DYNAMIC line features a solution for all vessel types and is designed to meet high expectations for performance and cost.


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