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Silylated Acrylate Technology

The only silylated acrylate technology with microfibre technology to prevent cracking and peeling.

Our silylated acrylate technology works by seawater penetrating the outer layer, starting chemical hydrolysis. As the level of hydrolysis rises, the polymer starts to become soluble forming a very thin leach layer and releasing the biocide. Because silylated acrylate film is relatively impermeable, water only penetrates the first few microns of the coating so that only a few microns undergo hydrolysis at a given time. The result is a highly stable and predictable polishing rate for the docking period.

The leach layer is progressively eroded from the surface, exposing a fresh coating layer underneath.

Special microfibres reinforce the binder, providing a skeleton effect that gives the coating enhanced mechanical strength and makes it more resistant to cracking and peeling.

See how the technology works

Working mechanism of Hempel's Silyl Acrylate Technology binder system which is incorporated in our DYNAMIC antifoulings


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