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Cost-effective antifouling with unmatched mechanical strength.

Built on proven zinc carboxylate technology, OCEANIC+ is a budget-friendly antifouling solution for up 60 month docking intervals. OCEANIC+ is designed for operators looking for a reasonably priced product, but who don’t want to compromise on quality. OCEANIC+ offers excellent application properties, is reinforced with Hempel’s microfibre technology, and features effective self-polishing properties.

Oceanic+ is our classic 60-month antifouling solution, delivering high reliability throughout the service period. A high performance biocide package makes it suitable for protection on vessels operating in different trading areas. The main binder component is zinc carboxylate, which on immersion in seawater goes through an ion-exchange process to form the more soluble sodium carboxylate. This results in an excellent polishing control compared to gum rosin type paints. Add to this a strong biocide package and Hempel’s microfibre technology and it becomes clear: OCEANIC+ is the cost-efficient solution that delivers excellent performance and top-of-the-line mechanical strength.

Oceanic+ is a strong solution as it comes with multiple polishing rates recommended for all water types.


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