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Rosin Based Technology

The only rosin based technology using synthetics rosin to ensure uniformity

Gum rosin is the most common raw material in antifouling coatings, where it has been used for over 100 years. Seawater penetrates the coating and hydrates the rosin and biocide, which dissolves and leaches out of the coating. An insoluble ‘hard’ polymer structure remains, weakened in the absence of rosin, and is physically eroded by the ablative effect of surface water current.

OCEANIC+ uses synthetic rosin, a rosin treated to make it more resistant to cracking and with better control of polishing. Unlike gum rosin, synthetic rosin is easier to control because it doesn’t vary in quality from year to year or batch to batch. Over time the zinc carboxylate will ensure that the leach layer remains low while releasing a controlled level of biocide.

See how the technology works

Working mechanism of Hempel's Rosin based antifoulingswhich is incorporated in our BASIC, OLYMPIC+, and OCEANIC+


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